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Create a culture of wellbeing




Burnout, stress, mental health, illness, health conditions, menopause and absence can have a huge impact on your workplace.

Post-pandemic, people are re-evaluating what’s important in life and they’re prioritising their health and mental health.

Which means that as an employer, you need to create a healthy and happy workplace to attract and keep the key people you need in your business.  

I partner with executive teams and business leaders to design and implement a culture of workplace wellbeing.

I’ll work with you to design a wellbeing framework that aligns with your culture, strategy, vision and values that will help you hire, manage and keep exceptional people. 

Embed employee wellbeing priorities in your culture, leadership and people management and create a healthy workplace putting your people first.

Hi, I’m Jules

People management can be time consuming and complex.

I’m a former HR Director with over 20 years of HR Generalist experience.

I have management, leadership and business experience in the private, public, manufacturing, Tech and non-profit sectors.

What I Do


Working with business leaders
to create and implement a Wellbeing framework perfectly
aligned to your business
strategy and goals.


In just one day, that’s entirely dedicated to your business,
we’ll create your complete
Wellbeing framework, policy
and implementation plan
– Done For You In A Day

1:1 Coaching

Executive coaching or
1:1 coaching to support
anyone working through
stress, overwhelm or
workplace challenges.

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