All About Wellbeing

Unlocking the potential of your workplace, my Workplace Wellness Consulting services
specialise in menopause support and age inclusivity, cultivating a culture of well-being.

This holistic approach integrates unique solutions, fostering an environment where
every individual thrives, enriching workplace culture and driving sustained success.


Create an integrated wellness framework that encompasses all aspects of workplace well-being, including physical and mental health, flexible work arrangements, and inclusive policies.


Create and implement your Menopause framework, policy and roadmap perfectly aligned to your business strategy and goals. Champion education and awareness to remove stigma,  and make your people feel valued, understood and supported. 

Age Inclusivity

Maturity Matters. People are working for longer.
Some are un-retiring and re-entering the workplace.
Support your mature talent, and attract even more experienced workers to come work with you.
You’ll reap the benefits of leveraging their experience and wisdom and creating age-diverse teams.


As stress becomes an increasingly prevalent workplace concern, you can build a workplace that values the mental and emotional health of its employees. Let’s work together to create a stress-aware culture, attracting top talent and cultivating a diverse and resilient team.


What if we could work together for just one day and create your entire Wellbeing at Work Framework?
I work with clients on dealing with workplace wellbeing concerns every single day and I’ve come up with an even better and faster way to set you up as a healthy and happy workplace.
By the end of the day you’ll have your framework, policy and implementation action plan aligned with your people strategy, culture, values and existing policies.


Executive coaching and 1:1 life & wellness coaching support.
Intentionally creating space to develop your mindset, behaviours and skills to be effective and impactful.
Find meaning and purpose in work and life. All while adopting wellness pillars and lifestyle changes to optimise your long-term health and wellness.

Let’s talk about how I can
support you & your business


I’m based in Spain and work with clients globally


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